Kanya Produce Brilliant Framework Solutions


Brilliant Laundry contacted Thinking Space with a request for a framework to improve efficiency in counting their laundry products. The idea was to manufacture a framework in the shape of a tunnel that would allow sensors to be attached to it to detect electronic tags which are sewn into the linen products.

Thinking Space completed a bespoke design using the range of Kanya aluminium extrusion profiles and accessories to suit the client’s requirements. The brief was to allow for specific positioning of the sensors around the framework without getting in the way of the crate of linen being pushed past them.

The Kanya aluminium extrusion is an ideal solution for building the framework. The lightweight construction is easy to assemble from a kit of parts and the adaptability factor of combining the use of panels and mesh into the
8 mm extrusion channel has created the ideal solution to improve the efficiency of counting Brilliant Laundry’s products.

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