Kanya training rigs take off

kanya training rig example

The factory resembled an aircraft hangar during August, as we constructed four aircraft training rigs. Required for clients Pennant Training Systems Ltd, the structures were assembled from our Kanya aluminium profile range, ready for onward delivery to Cheltenham.

The rigs are to be used for maintenance training primarily within the military aviation arena, but are also suitable for use in the commercial or civil sector. The Part Task Trainers, known as GenFly, realistically replicate a generic modern fast jet. The open frame aircraft structure (made from Kanya) will have a representative cockpit fitted by the client with various controls and displays. Trainees can then practice a wide range of hands on aircraft maintenance activities with simulated faults being injected from an instructor workstation which allow failure mode recognition, fault diagnosis and rectification by component change.

The modular structure created by the Kanya build allows access and viewing of the primary and secondary flying control systems, landing gear systems and auxiliary systems, including nose-wheel steering and wheel-braking in a safe and effective environment to train aircraft mechanics and technicians.

Just one of many possible applications the Kanya aluminium build system can be used for!



Above: two of the Genfly being assembled in our factory for clients Pennant Training Systems Ltd

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