Introducing the electric height adjustable workbench

Kanya UK northern-manufacturing-stand-mock-up-with-electric-height-adjustable-workbench

Last week, the Kanya team were busy preparing for next weeks’ Northern Manufacturing Show at Event City in Manchester. With our plans and preparations in full swing, we saw the coming together of our stand as we took delivery of and assembled our new electric height adjustable workbench demonstration model.

The workbench is a typical example of how we can create ergonomic workbenches to suit your particular application, as each workbench is custom designed. The workbench we will be demonstrating has two shelving units to hold storage bins etc. lighting and the all-important electric height adjustment for sit/stand working. The Klink toolboard is attached as well as a selection of Novus mounts for your monitors, tablets, laptops and documents. But this is just one specific application, the possibilities for workbench configurations are endless, with storage drawers, compartments, task lighting and equipment mounts to suit.

As specialists in ergonomic furniture design, Kanya UK provides a free consultation and design service. We consider the needs of your staff, the techniques, tools and the equipment they are using to undertake each task so that their workspace avoids repetitive strain injuries, neck pains, backaches, blurry vision and poor posture. The height adjustable feature ensures that the employee has control over their own workspace, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Try out the workbench for yourself at Stand D62 on the 27th and 28th September, and talk to our specialists about the possibilities for your ergonomic workstation.

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