Enclosures for CMM, Measuring and Optical Testing Equipment


The Kanya aluminium profile system is perfect for creating enclosures for CMM, measuring and optical testing equipment. Our enclosures ensure that precision equipment is protected from dirt, dust and damage within a busy factory environment.

Custom design service

We offer a free comprehensive design service using AutoCad Inventor, so customised enclosures are not a problem. A full site survey is offered as part of the consultation service and 2D/3D renders are created for your approval at proposal stage. This enables you to visualise your enclosure and ensure that your equipment will be accommodated as well as accessed within the factory. Designs can be fitted closely around your equipment, ensuring your enclosure takes up the minimum of space.

Materials and Features

Enclosures are constructed using Kanya aluminium profiles which are assembled with our exclusive connectors, making up the Kanya PVS connection system. Cladding panels using 4mm clear or opal polycarbonate can be fitted, or alternatively coloured panels to suit your branding, health and safety or particular needs. These panels can also be removed for access to your equipment. Accessories and features such as handles, casters, hinges, lighting, positive air pressure, power supplies and locks can be added.

Assembly and Inspection

We assemble enclosure projects within our factory first, and clients are welcome to visit us to inspect their enclosures. This ensures that you the client get exactly what you want and there are no nasty surprises when the enclosure arrives on site. We can deliver and install the enclosure for you too, thanks to our experienced installation team.


The benefits of a Kanya enclosure for your CMM, measuring and optical testing equipment are:-

  • Protection of your equipment from the shop floor environment
  • Visually appealing and can be branded for corporate identity
  • Free design service with customised designs from experienced draughtspeople
  • Easy installation and relocation if necessary
  • Installation service offered

Browse our enclosures gallery for inspiration and if you have an enclosure project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.

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