Kitting Out With Kanya


Over the years, we’ve seen some really interesting and unusual applications using our profile system.  We love to hear from our clients and see what they have produced with our extrusions and accessories. So we were blown away with the quality of this particular project, where the client did some kitting out with Kanya.

The project? To convert a Citroen Relay van into a motorhome.

The interior of the van has been transformed to a luxurious space, using mood lighting and quality finishes to complete the look. A comfy sofa bed, shower room and kitchenette has been installed, complete with sink and hob. Our closed faced extrusions have been used as the framework for the floor standing cupboard builds and the shower room partition. These extrusions create an attractive curved feature, but are also important in enclosed spaces where linear edges may cause injury. Overhead storage cupboards are also created from Kanya profiles, fitted with tambour doors for easy, space-saving access.

A quality finish…and another application possibility!

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