Summertime with the Swiss


Last week, Kanya UK experienced summertime with the Swiss, when we visited the Kanya HQ for a commercial review.

Having freshly landed on Swiss soil, Paul and Suzanne were greeted and treated to traditional Swiss fayre al fresco by our hosts Andre and Patrik from Kanya. With a warm and balmy evening panning out, we mooched around the lake. We took in scenes of leisure and relaxation, soaking up the atmosphere and taking in vantage points along the route (photo above).

Our hotel was previously home to the Bleiche textile industry. The cotton weaving mill dates back to 1853, with the chimney and many of the original features of the factory in preservation since its’ closure in 1988.

Awakening to a bright and sunny Swiss morning, we set off early to the Kanya headquarters in Ruti, where a warm welcome and strong coffee awaited us.

With a packed presentation day, we learnt of new developments within the company, with Marketing Manager Kunsang taking us through her latest project; they are launching a new website  soon! We were taken on a tour of the factory, spread over a number of floors. This gave us the opportunity to experience the efficient organisation of the workspace and the array of builds being constructed. We were able to review the demonstration area, which included examples of the KanyaSafe sliding door system and the ErgoPlace ergonomic workbench with several configurations set up.

After a delicious lunch and a Swiss language lesson, we headed back to the factory to round off our review.

With the weather hitting the upper twenties even in the late afternoon, there was only one thing to do in such a climate. A cold glass of beer beckoned around Lake Zurich, after taking in the sights of the historic town of Rupperswil, before heading our way back through vineyard-covered terraces by train to the airport.


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