Mobile Assembly Workbenches

mobile parts trolley

We introduce you to our mobile assembly workbenches. This latest workbench design from Kanya UK originated from a requirement by our own team. With our factory reorganisation taking place earlier in the year to accommodate the new printing clean room, we recognised a need for our workshop operatives’ workbenches to be mobile. This would then allow flexibility to move the benches around to accommodate larger assemblies for Kanya and more consoles for Thinking Space.

And so the mobile assembly workbenches were born!


These workbenches combine a mix of the Kanya aluminium profiles with the TSS Core Assembly System for the framework, and Evolution media wall components for the front profiles and feet. The large laminated worktop is overhung to create the maximum flat workspace possible. Two large drawers are provided under the worktop, for operatives to store their essential tools.


Cladding panels are fixed at either end of the leg assemblies, which now give rise to the option to print on, thanks to our new digital printing process. So, a logo, surface print or even personalisation of the workbench with the employees name, photo or their favourite pet, can be added in future!

Electric height adjustment

Not only are the workbenches mobile thanks to locking casters, they are electrically height adjustable too. Fitted with a control paddle, the desk controls are activated by gently tilting to move the desk up or down.  Pre-set positions can be added, so that height adjustment is automated, as well as sit/stand reminders throughout the working day.

For greater personalisation, the Linak App can be downloaded from the App store, from which you can control the desk height. Just connect your device to the desk from your mobile or tablet by bluetooth, and you can adjust the height in real-time, set up your memory positions, or view your sit/stand goals.

Battery operation

Due to the need for the assembly workbenches to be mobile, a high performance 2.15 Ah battery pack is fitted, which is compatible with the Linak electrical actuator. With a warning audible alarm and LED indicator bar, it will remind you when it is time to recharge. It recharges simply by plugging in a mains cable to the control box or removing and recharging with an external power supply. When fully recharged, these provide around 225 cycles of movement before needing to be recharged. Our workshop operatives have found that a single charge can last several weeks, depending on use and weight of items being lifted.

Parts trolley

As part of the workbench set up, a mobile parts trolley was also manufactured for the team. Delivering shared tools and parts to the workbench areas when needed, it has ensured an effective, efficient working area for our operatives.

Find out more about our Mobile Assembly Workbench solution and request a quotation here.

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