How to choose your Kanya products

Choosing related products

Choosing components for your aluminium build project couldn’t be simpler with Kanya.

By using a simple lettering system as the product code, all products with the same letter can be used together.

For example:

  • All 50mm base extrusion products start with the letter “A”
  • All 40mm base extrusion products start with the letter “C”
  • All 30mm base extrusion products start with the letter “B”
  • All 20mm base extrusion products start with the letter “D”
  • All heavy duty extrusion products start with the letter “M”


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How the connectors work

The entire range of Kanya products uses the unique PVS connector system allowing the joining together of extrusions to be easy, secure and quick.

Using the connectors

See our example below of how to make a simple 90 degree connection

kanya connector image 1

1. insert the barrel into the hole made in the second extrusion

kanya connector image 2

2. Insert the sprung anchor into the centre hole of the barrel

kanya connector image 3

3. Push the anchor head into the slot of the first extrusion; twist 90 degree. Tighten the allen key













Kanya provides a wide range of connectors for use with your build project. Download our complete guide KANYA PVS Connector Tech Data

Universal connectors
The round anchor head allows the extrusions to be set in any position once it is pushed into the retaining slot

Standard connectors
The milled anchor heads allow extrusions to be added subsequently. Horizontally and vertically milled anchor types are required to guarantee that every extrusion position is possible

Combination connectors
To provide the optimum connection for all cross sections, the combination connectors are used in a similar way to the standard connectors

Special connectors
The special anchor, which is available in different lengths, makes parallel and cross connections possible

Mitred connectors
The formed anchor head – 15,30 and 45 degrees in both left and right designs, or with an articulated head to create connections at virtually any angle

Double mitred connectors
The anchor which can be swivelled from 0-90 degrees can be used universally and creates a sturdy frame with slots all around

Extrusion extensions
The rigid anchor guarantees an extremely stable extrusion extension

Threaded connectors
The threaded anchor (M6/M8) enables the extrusion to be attached to other structures


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Extrusion specification

Our aluminium extrusions offer the following specification:

Alloy – EN AW6063 grade

Quality – T66

Tolerances – to EN 12020

Coating – 12 micron matt annodised

Density/weight – 2.7g/cm3

Tensile strength – 245N/mm2

Powdercoating – can be powdercoated to any RAL colour upon request


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How to use machine codes

When you order your extrusion products, you can specify machining requirements by following our KANYA Extrusion Machining Codes  information guide.  Here is an overview of how it all works…

machine code ordering diagram


Your item number should be made up of the following, identified in the diagram above:-

  1. Select the appropriate design or special extrusion type
  2. Define the machining on the left side of the extrusion (see above), as per the machining guide. If the left side requires no machining, then code -02 should be used
  3. Define the machining on the right hand side of the extrusion (see above) as per the machining guide. If the right side requires no machining, then code -02 should be used
  4. Indicate the required extrusion length in mm/L
  5. For special machining, code-99 should be used


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