Kanya UK are pleased to be able to confirm their upcoming events in 2020.

The year will kick off with our attendance once again at the Southern Manufacturing Show, at Farnborough International from the 11th to the 13th February 2020. We will be taking stand K200 this year, and will be looking forward to demonstrating our range of ergonomic workbench designs and workflow efficiencies at the stand.

A regular “gig” of ours, we’ve been attending the show for some 12 years now, and it never fails to satisfy. In the early days, we attended with our aluminium stand, an example in itself, and over the years, we’ve transformed it by powdercoating in our corporate colours. Next year, we’re set for an even bigger improvement on the stand, demonstrating to you the possibilities that can be achieved for stand designs.

Looking back in the early days, a regular feature of ours was Goliath, an aluminium profile model. Goliath retired from exhibitions back in 2017, but he still graces us with his presence in our reception demo area back at our headquarters in Romsey.

The early days saw different sales specialists on the stand, who are still with the company today. Do you recognise any of them? Where are they now?



From 2017, our Kanya double-act,Tony Ferreira and Steve Taylor, above right, took visitors by storm with their welcoming attitude and passion for aluminium. The double-act will be returning for all our upcoming events in 2020, rest assured.

Our second confirmed event is Mach 2020. Held every two years, this is our second appearance. We’ll be occupying stand 6-724 from the 20th to the 24th April, hoping to meet new clients from the north of the country.

The last event attracted over 25,000 visitors with over 500 exhibitors in attendance from engineering-based manufacturing backgrounds. With a larger stand this year, using our own aluminium framework, we’re looking forward to bringing our workbench applications along to demonstrate.

Further details for both these events will be available towards the end of the year.

But for now, save the dates!

We introduce you to our mobile assembly workbenches. This latest workbench design from Kanya UK originated from a requirement by our own team. With our factory reorganisation taking place earlier in the year to accommodate the new printing clean room, we recognised a need for our workshop operatives’ workbenches to be mobile. This would then allow flexibility to move the benches around to accommodate larger assemblies for Kanya and more consoles for Thinking Space.

And so the mobile assembly workbenches were born!


These workbenches combine a mix of the Kanya aluminium profiles with the TSS Core Assembly System for the framework, and Evolution media wall components for the front profiles and feet. The large laminated worktop is overhung to create the maximum flat workspace possible. Two large drawers are provided under the worktop, for operatives to store their essential tools.


Cladding panels are fixed at either end of the leg assemblies, which now give rise to the option to print on, thanks to our new digital printing process. So, a logo, surface print or even personalisation of the workbench with the employees name, photo or their favourite pet, can be added in future!

Electric height adjustment

Not only are the workbenches mobile thanks to locking casters, they are electrically height adjustable too. Fitted with a control paddle, the desk controls are activated by gently tilting to move the desk up or down.  Pre-set positions can be added, so that height adjustment is automated, as well as sit/stand reminders throughout the working day.

For greater personalisation, the Linak App can be downloaded from the App store, from which you can control the desk height. Just connect your device to the desk from your mobile or tablet by bluetooth, and you can adjust the height in real-time, set up your memory positions, or view your sit/stand goals.

Battery operation

Due to the need for the assembly workbenches to be mobile, a high performance 2.15 Ah battery pack is fitted, which is compatible with the Linak electrical actuator. With a warning audible alarm and LED indicator bar, it will remind you when it is time to recharge. It recharges simply by plugging in a mains cable to the control box or removing and recharging with an external power supply. When fully recharged, these provide around 225 cycles of movement before needing to be recharged. Our workshop operatives have found that a single charge can last several weeks, depending on use and weight of items being lifted.

Parts trolley

As part of the workbench set up, a mobile parts trolley was also manufactured for the team. Delivering shared tools and parts to the workbench areas when needed, it has ensured an effective, efficient working area for our operatives.

Find out more about our Mobile Assembly Workbench solution and request a quotation here.

Last week, Kanya UK experienced summertime with the Swiss, when we visited the Kanya HQ for a commercial review.

Having freshly landed on Swiss soil, Paul and Suzanne were greeted and treated to traditional Swiss fayre al fresco by our hosts Andre and Patrik from Kanya. With a warm and balmy evening panning out, we mooched around the lake. We took in scenes of leisure and relaxation, soaking up the atmosphere and taking in vantage points along the route (photo above).

Our hotel was previously home to the Bleiche textile industry. The cotton weaving mill dates back to 1853, with the chimney and many of the original features of the factory in preservation since its’ closure in 1988.

Awakening to a bright and sunny Swiss morning, we set off early to the Kanya headquarters in Ruti, where a warm welcome and strong coffee awaited us.

With a packed presentation day, we learnt of new developments within the company, with Marketing Manager Kunsang taking us through her latest project; they are launching a new website  soon! We were taken on a tour of the factory, spread over a number of floors. This gave us the opportunity to experience the efficient organisation of the workspace and the array of builds being constructed. We were able to review the demonstration area, which included examples of the KanyaSafe sliding door system and the ErgoPlace ergonomic workbench with several configurations set up.

After a delicious lunch and a Swiss language lesson, we headed back to the factory to round off our review.

With the weather hitting the upper twenties even in the late afternoon, there was only one thing to do in such a climate. A cold glass of beer beckoned around Lake Zurich, after taking in the sights of the historic town of Rupperswil, before heading our way back through vineyard-covered terraces by train to the airport.


Kanya UK can proudly announce that they can now print onto panel materials with your logo, image or chosen finish as part of an investment into a new production line for parent company Thinking Space Systems.

The story so far…

Back in December last year, Thinking Space Systems were awarded government funding to contribute towards a new flatbed digital printer, lacquering machine and clean room to house the new production facility.

But why?

Thinking Space Systems, who manufacture bespoke technical furniture, use aluminium composite panels in the construction of their builds. After recognising a reliance on a third party outside of the UK to supply finishes for the composite panels, which was continually being reduced, Thinking Space sought funding from the Solent Enterprise Partnership. After being awarded the funding, the work began to implement the new production line.

Our offering

Now we can print onto aluminium composite panels, foamex and polycarbonate, so ideal for a whole host of projects. So whether it is for a workstation or enclosure or even display graphics for exhibition stands, we can print using your supplied artwork, even at large format.

In addition, we now have 24 surface finishes in the form of textures and patterns to offer as standard. These include gradients, graphic shapes and even natural finishes to compliment your project or corporate branding. As an extra service, we’ll even colour match your corporate identity for you.

Check out our Thinking Space Systems website for the range of finishes available, and try out our console configuration tool too.

Keep checking back on our news page here for some great case study examples as our new services unfold.

Get in touch…

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us or would like to know more about our printing services, please get in touch.

Ahead of the Southern Manufacturing Show, we bring you our Kanya UK Newsletter February 2019.

In this newsletter, we feature the latest applications from our clients and within the factory, including enclosures, trolleys and panelling.

And we’ve some projects closer to home to report on, as we have recently constructed a clean room with sliding door in our factory.

As part of our parent company Thinking Space Systems new production line being installed, the clean room will house a brand new digital printer.

Soon, we will be able to offer printed panels to our Kanya customers too. So logos, designs and surface finishes could be added to your partitioning, enclosures, panelling, cabinets and more!

We also review our demonstrations for the Southern Manufacturing Show this year.

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Our Kanya production team are firmly in their new position following our factory reorganisation.

Due to the installation of a brand new production line for parent company Thinking Space Systems Ltd, the factory has seen lots of changes in recent weeks. A new clean room has been installed to house new printing equipment. This will form the basis of the new production line, coming soon. Thinking Space production colleagues have been relocated, with brand new height adjustable workbenches and parts trolleys, all created from a combination of the Kanya aluminium build system and Evolution media wall system.

The Kanya production team too have brand new workbenches, which are custom designed to suit assembly and packing of aluminium profiles to fulfill our customers’ orders. Their parts store has been rebranded with new display boards too.


And Kanya UK are also responsible for the new clean room for the printing production line. The enclosure has two large sliding doors, which operate smoothly…as demonstrated in our video.


We’re looking forward to seeing the clean room completed with specially designed printed panels installed around the exterior.

Elsewhere in the factory, we’ve been mocking up our exhibition stand, made from Kanya aluminium profiles, ready for the Southern Manufacturing Show Stand B215 from the 5th to the 7th February.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Once again, Kanya UK will be returning to the Southern Manufacturing Show next month, with a demonstration of ergonomic production lines. You’ll find us at stand B215 from the 5th to the 7th February 2019.

Held at the new exhibition venue launched last year, it boasts 20,000m2 of purpose-built exhibition space based at Farnborough in Hampshire. In its’ 30+ years of running, it now attracts large manufacturers, but the show has continued to support SME’s too, in order to provide a diverse range of suppliers to the engineering industry. And all under one roof.

This year, the focus for Kanya UK is ergonomic production lines. This follows the launch last year of the Ergoplace brochure from Kanya. This is a new workplace range of furniture and equipment solutions, designed to create efficient production lines. Demonstrated at stand B215 will be a brand new example of a Ergoplace workbench. A range of accessories to help drive an efficient production line will be demonstrated on the workbench. In addition, the Kanya electric box lifter will demonstrate how to create an efficient workflow from floor to workbench and onwards.

Kanya UK will also be demonstrating other application examples such as a display cabinet, as well as their exhibition stand itself. This will give visitors just a few ideas from the endless possibilities. Back by popular demand is their extrusion wall; not for climbing but for demonstrating the many profiles and accessories offered by the Kanya range.

And of course, the event would not be complete without meeting our Kanya UK team. Tony Ferreira, our Southern Sales Specialist and Steve Taylor, our Northern Sales Specialist, will be available throughout the 3 day event to discuss your ideas and give advice on solutions possible. So please do bring along your sketches, drawings and specifications with you for a consultation.

We look forward to seeing you at stand B215 from the 5th – 7th February.

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Our latest product newsletter October 2018 is now available. We round-up the latest case studies and product news from Kanya UK.

This time next week, we’ll be at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition in Milton Keynes. We’ll be at stand 624 demonstrating a robot enclosure, previously supplied to clients’ Fanuc. The octagonal enclosure also features in our newsletter, but if you’re attending the event, please say hello to our friendly sales team and ask them about the enclosure.

We also feature two other case studies. Firstly, a rather unusual application…

We were lucky enough to be involved with the restoration of the iconic Alexandra Palace in central London. Kanya panels have been used to infill the orchestra pit in the east wing of the building, which is being renovated to create a brand new birthplace-of-TV experience.

A great example of an enclosure is the one is has been provided to TMD Technologies. The waist height cabinet is a safety enclosure, protecting personnel whilst testing is in progress.

We also feature our latest projects being undertaken in the factory, as well as a sneek peak of some of the designs that we have been working on, developing our workbench solutions.

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A safety enclosure constructed from the Kanya aluminium build system has been provided for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage supplies and transmitters, TMD Technologies.

TMD Technologies will be testing power amplifiers within the enclosure, which use a TWT (travelling wave tube) and a very high voltage power supply to amplify the RF signals. The enclosure will therefore be safeguarding testing personnel, as well as ensuring it is compliant with their specifications.

The enclosure is mounted on castors, with an aluminium framework and polycarbonate panels inbetween. The large door at the front of the enclosure lifts up to allow complete  access to the testing equipment contained within. The operation of the door is totally safety locked and so can only be opened when the power unit has been switched off.

Kanya UK have recently been involved in restoring Alexandra Palace with Kanya. Aluminium framed panels have been provided to infill the orchestra pit at this iconic venue in central London.

As part of the recent restoration project inside the former world-famous BBC studios, the previously derelict Victorian era east wing has been brought back to its former glory by construction giant Willmott Dixon. The refurbished wing, which the BBC leased from 1935 until 1956, will accommodate an immersive birthplace-of-TV experience. Fitting;  as the first public television transmissions were made from here in 1936. The wing is looking to create a popular tourist attraction for all the family, as the original “people’s palace” was intended to be.

Work included restoring the ceiling, which had not been touched since the 1890’s. The entire floor was lifted, relevelled then re-laid using all 1200 floor boards.  The resulting restoration will create a flat space for flexibility, to accommodate all manner of events, where seating and staging can be added.

With this in mind, auditorium seating and staging specialists CPS Manufacturing Co were appointed to supply the orchestra pit infill. Their brief was to provide some rigid and lightweight panels to form a lift shaft between their demountable platforms.

As Design and Estimating Executive, Roger McCreadie explained “After exploring several routes and options we discovered Kanya UK.  Steve Taylor’s prompt visit, technical expertise and product experience was of great value in assisting in the successful delivery of this part of the project, as well as being within budget”.

In describing the specification for the project, Roger added “We had initially been looking at constructing the panels from softwood and cladding in plywood but this was presenting several obstacles in both design and manufacture.  The aluminium framed panels were easily built by production operatives with no prior experience of the system and this led to a small order being placed for another part of the same project”.

Roger is delighted with the Kanya aluminium build system. ”The system seems to be robust and rigid and could lead to us using your products in one or two other areas of bespoke manufacture”.

The panels needed to be precise to fit within the void, and were fitted in time for the opening performance, the BBC proms!