A safety enclosure constructed from the Kanya aluminium build system has been provided for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage supplies and transmitters, TMD Technologies.

TMD Technologies will be testing power amplifiers within the enclosure, which use a TWT (travelling wave tube) and a very high voltage power supply to amplify the RF signals. The enclosure will therefore be safeguarding testing personnel, as well as ensuring it is compliant with their specifications.

The enclosure is mounted on castors, with an aluminium framework and polycarbonate panels inbetween. The large door at the front of the enclosure lifts up to allow complete  access to the testing equipment contained within. The operation of the door is totally safety locked and so can only be opened when the power unit has been switched off.

Kanya UK have recently been involved in restoring Alexandra Palace with Kanya. Aluminium framed panels have been provided to infill the orchestra pit at this iconic venue in central London.

As part of the recent restoration project inside the former world-famous BBC studios, the previously derelict Victorian era east wing has been brought back to its former glory by construction giant Willmott Dixon. The refurbished wing, which the BBC leased from 1935 until 1956, will accommodate an immersive birthplace-of-TV experience. Fitting;  as the first public television transmissions were made from here in 1936. The wing is looking to create a popular tourist attraction for all the family, as the original “people’s palace” was intended to be.

Work included restoring the ceiling, which had not been touched since the 1890’s. The entire floor was lifted, relevelled then re-laid using all 1200 floor boards.  The resulting restoration will create a flat space for flexibility, to accommodate all manner of events, where seating and staging can be added.

With this in mind, auditorium seating and staging specialists CPS Manufacturing Co were appointed to supply the orchestra pit infill. Their brief was to provide some rigid and lightweight panels to form a lift shaft between their demountable platforms.

As Design and Estimating Executive, Roger McCreadie explained “After exploring several routes and options we discovered Kanya UK.  Steve Taylor’s prompt visit, technical expertise and product experience was of great value in assisting in the successful delivery of this part of the project, as well as being within budget”.

In describing the specification for the project, Roger added “We had initially been looking at constructing the panels from softwood and cladding in plywood but this was presenting several obstacles in both design and manufacture.  The aluminium framed panels were easily built by production operatives with no prior experience of the system and this led to a small order being placed for another part of the same project”.

Roger is delighted with the Kanya aluminium build system. ”The system seems to be robust and rigid and could lead to us using your products in one or two other areas of bespoke manufacture”.

The panels needed to be precise to fit within the void, and were fitted in time for the opening performance, the BBC proms!

Over the years, we’ve seen some really interesting and unusual applications using our profile system.  We love to hear from our clients and see what they have produced with our extrusions and accessories. So we were blown away with the quality of this particular project, where the client did some kitting out with Kanya.

The project? To convert a Citroen Relay van into a motorhome.

The interior of the van has been transformed to a luxurious space, using mood lighting and quality finishes to complete the look. A comfy sofa bed, shower room and kitchenette has been installed, complete with sink and hob. Our closed faced extrusions have been used as the framework for the floor standing cupboard builds and the shower room partition. These extrusions create an attractive curved feature, but are also important in enclosed spaces where linear edges may cause injury. Overhead storage cupboards are also created from Kanya profiles, fitted with tambour doors for easy, space-saving access.

A quality finish…and another application possibility!

A series of eight controller operating stations are currently being manufactured at our factory in Hampshire, for a regular client of Kanya UK.  The eight stations, which have been custom designed to house specialist equipment, have a flat working surface with storage beneath it, as well as Novus monitor arms mounted on Kanya extrusion profiles at the back of the unit.

A range of modifications have been added to the stations to ensure safe working practices, including auto-stop switches and warm air dispensing vents which maintain a suitable working temperature for the technology within. Mesh coverings have also been added over the vents as a precaution, preventing accidental losses into the vents.

In case of malfunctioning equipment and as a means of security, access is available from the rear with a specific set of keys. This is similar to the front of the unit, which has its own set of keys and gives access to the racking units and training equipment stored inside.

Focusing on user ergonomics, special jacking castors has been used on the base of the units. This allows the wheels to be locked and unlocked so the stations can be moved whilst also having an element of height adjustability.  This is important in ensuring the flat working surface is at an acceptable arm height for the user so they do not overstrain when using the equipment.

With the training operator stations specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the Kanya team has managed to meet the client’s expectations perfectly as they await the units’ departure from our factory shortly.

If you have a custom requirement, we offer a free design service which includes 3D renders to help visualise your project. Get in touch today to find out more.

kanya-controller-operating-consoles image

One of eight controller operating consoles being manufactured at the factory of Kanya UK

The factory resembled an aircraft hangar during August, as we constructed four aircraft training rigs. Required for clients Pennant Training Systems Ltd, the structures were assembled from our Kanya aluminium profile range, ready for onward delivery to Cheltenham.

The rigs are to be used for maintenance training primarily within the military aviation arena, but are also suitable for use in the commercial or civil sector. The Part Task Trainers, known as GenFly, realistically replicate a generic modern fast jet. The open frame aircraft structure (made from Kanya) will have a representative cockpit fitted by the client with various controls and displays. Trainees can then practice a wide range of hands on aircraft maintenance activities with simulated faults being injected from an instructor workstation which allow failure mode recognition, fault diagnosis and rectification by component change.

The modular structure created by the Kanya build allows access and viewing of the primary and secondary flying control systems, landing gear systems and auxiliary systems, including nose-wheel steering and wheel-braking in a safe and effective environment to train aircraft mechanics and technicians.

Just one of many possible applications the Kanya aluminium build system can be used for!



Above: two of the Genfly being assembled in our factory for clients Pennant Training Systems Ltd

A project over a year and a half in the making left the factory this week bound for Birmingham and long-standing clients, SAIC. The lab test car was created from a complex set of technical drawings provided by the client, which were then broken down into 143 separate drawings by our Kanya draughtsperson in readiness for its manufacture. Colour coding the manufacturing drawings then aided our production team who were able to assemble the structure in a methodical manner before it left the factory.


colour coded manufacturing drawing example

Colour coding the manufacturing drawings ensures the ease of assembly

lonza hair testing cabinet

Above: hair testing cabinets for Lonza

Kanya UK have recently completed two specialist cabinets using the Kanya aluminium build system for clients Lonza. Following an enquiry from Kanya in Switzerland, our Kanya Specialist for the north of the country, Harsh Rao, met with Lonza, who were setting up a new laboratory facility, to discuss their requirements.

Lonza is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and speciality ingredients market.  Founded in 1897 they now have more than 40 major R&D and manufacturing facilities worldwide.  In their new laboratory, the testing cabinets are to be used for hair testing, where the tensile strength of hair is examined.

The cabinets have been especially designed to so that the client can control the humidity and temperature, with hinged doors at the front, and hand holes in the front panel behind the doors. The Kanya aluminium extrusion is used as the framework for the cabinet, which has been finished with a satin anodise. Connected easily together with the Kanya PVS connector system, the cabinet has then been clad with 4mm clear polycarbonate for doors, and to the sides top and base, with 4mm opal polycarbonate to the rear.

Just one of the many applications the Kanya aluminium build system can be used for.

At the Machine Building Show in September, Kanya UK launched their new modular machine guarding system, the TS Guard. The new concept uses Kanya aluminium profiles and accessories to create an off-the-shelf, easy to assemble solution, available in a choice of finishes. It proved the ideal solution for regular clients Planters Clayton, who were looking for a safety installation around their machine presses, and chose a black and yellow finish for added safety.


Brilliant Laundry contacted Thinking Space with a request for a framework to improve efficiency in counting their laundry products. The idea was to manufacture a framework in the shape of a tunnel that would allow sensors to be attached to it to detect electronic tags which are sewn into the linen products.

Thinking Space completed a bespoke design using the range of Kanya aluminium extrusion profiles and accessories to suit the client’s requirements. The brief was to allow for specific positioning of the sensors around the framework without getting in the way of the crate of linen being pushed past them.

The Kanya aluminium extrusion is an ideal solution for building the framework. The lightweight construction is easy to assemble from a kit of parts and the adaptability factor of combining the use of panels and mesh into the
8 mm extrusion channel has created the ideal solution to improve the efficiency of counting Brilliant Laundry’s products.