Kanya UK design, manufacture and install modular clean rooms. This turnkey solution is ideal for customers in remote locations, where the complete assembly can be undertaken by them quickly and efficiently to create a temperature-controlled, particle-free environment for use in research and development, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and defence industries.

Our clean rooms are constructed using the Kanya aluminium profile system, with polycarbonate panels for windows and aluminium composite panels for walls, which can be printed with logos or patterns if required. All materials used are easy to clean and durable.

We partner with you to create your ideal clean room structure to protect your processes. The lightweight framework created from the Kanya aluminium build system creates a modular design which is easy to keep clean and maintain, with infill panels using clear polycarbonate for windows, and aluminium composite panels for walls, which can be printed with your design, pattern or even your logo.

Choose from a range of door systems, including sliding doors to safety doors. All materials used are easy to clean and durable.

Other features can include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Heating
  • Plumbing
  • Cable management in the form of compartmental trunking
  • Air conditioning and humidity control using HEPA filtration airflow, providing negative pressure with filtration to reduce the spread of airborne viruses, to 
  • Power with external isolation switch
  • Sliding or hinged doors

You will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with you throughout the project and ensure your clean room is operational on site, within agreed timescales and budget.

Clean rooms can be delivered quickly for easy self-assembly on site, thanks to the ease of constructing the Kanya aluminium profile system and are ideal for remote locations. We also offer an installation service for the complete project.


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Project Delivery

Helping you achieve your vision with our expert guidance throughout, from concept and design to manufacture, assembly and installation.


Our clients include businesses in manufacturing, aviation and automotive, audio-visual, medical and pharmaceutical, education, construction, energy, engineering and logistics.


The versatility of the aluminium build system ensures endless possibilities. Typical solutions include clean rooms, workbenches, test rigs, trolleys, machine guarding, and enclosures.

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