Last Updated: January 22, 2017

Eight controller operating stations currently being manufactured

Author: Suzanne Pinchin

A series of eight controller operating stations are currently being manufactured at our factory in Hampshire, for a regular client of Kanya UK.  The eight stations, which have been custom designed to house specialist equipment, have a flat working surface with storage beneath it, as well as Novus monitor arms mounted on Kanya extrusion profiles at the back of the unit.

A range of modifications have been added to the stations to ensure safe working practices, including auto-stop switches and warm air dispensing vents which maintain a suitable working temperature for the technology within. Mesh coverings have also been added over the vents as a precaution, preventing accidental losses into the vents.

In case of malfunctioning equipment and as a means of security, access is available from the rear with a specific set of keys. This is similar to the front of the unit, which has its own set of keys and gives access to the racking units and training equipment stored inside.

Focusing on user ergonomics, special jacking castors has been used on the base of the units. This allows the wheels to be locked and unlocked so the stations can be moved whilst also having an element of height adjustability.  This is important in ensuring the flat working surface is at an acceptable arm height for the user so they do not overstrain when using the equipment.

With the training operator stations specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing, the Kanya team has managed to meet the client’s expectations perfectly as they await the units’ departure from our factory shortly.

If you have a custom requirement, we offer a free design service which includes 3D renders to help visualise your project. Get in touch today to find out more.

Kanya controller operating consoles

One of eight controller operating consoles being manufactured at the factory of Kanya UK

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