ErgoPlace Workstations

The Workplace system offers efficient, ergonomic and tailor made solutions. The ergonomic aspect is an important part of the workplace. Whether it be height adjustable workbenches, options for differing bench dimensions, efficient task lighting or individual tool positioning, these are just a few examples of the breadth of choice our workplace systems offers.

ErgoPlace Interlinked Workbench

ErgoPlace Workbench features

  • Electric or manual height adjustment
  • Corner table option
  • Choice of work surfaces – thickness and materials such as timber, laminate etc.
  • Lighting options for optimal brightness
  • Accessories to hold your tools and equipment such as trays, holders and mounts
  • Organisation elements for efficient working such as filing shelving, bin storage

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Workspace System Example

workplace system photo

Packaging Workspace Example

ErgoPlace Packaging Workbench configuration

Interlinked Workspace Example

ErgoPlace Interlinked Workbench

Kanya workbenches and workplace systems

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