Last Updated: December 4, 2017

Introducing the Kanya Safe Modular Sliding Door System

Author: Suzanne Pinchin

Kanya AG are introducing the Kanya Safe Modular Sliding Door System, which is perfect for protective enclosures. Whether it’s for machine or equipment housing, clean rooms or enclosures, there is a simple, ready to install solution for you, which can easily be modified at a later date as your needs change.

Options for sliding door controls include manual, electric or pneumatic. The elective drive unit offers a quiet, speedy operation, and features a mechanical drop guard and anti-collision detection. This provides safe access to machines and is compliant with machine guidelines. In addition, the modular system is CE compliant with and offers a robust yet aesthetically pleasing construction, with a choice of cladding finishes to suit your requirements.

A digital interface is an optional extra, where Production or Plant Managers can check the safety door configuration and change their parameters at any time, using a handy app for the tablet or mobile, or an online application for the PC.

Door solutions include:

  • Single lifting door
  • Double lifting door
  • Telescopic sliding door
  • Machine safety door
  • Protective hood

For further information, download our brochure.

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