Isolation Enclosures

Kanya UK offer custom designed isolation enclosures which not only create a physical barrier between patient and medical staff, but with the use of negative pressure and filtration, they help reduce the risk of the spread of airbourne viruses.


The isolation enclosure gives a modern look for patients, whilst being practical for medical staff, thanks to the ability to see and monitor the patient from outside the enclosure. It is ideal for use in infection control applications whether as ‘pop up’ treatment centres or in hospitals and care homes where a more affordable and flexible option to changing the fabric of the building is required.

Each enclosure is custom designed to your requirements.

The Kanya aluminum enclosure, consists of:

  • 50% polycarbonate for a durable viewing solution
  • 50% kick proof composite cladding
  • Wide access door with door closer fitted
  • Neoprene floor seal
  • Duct work for all cables and power

Air system to create a filtered negative pressure environment:

  • Managed negative air flow system
  • 12 air changes per hour
  • HEPA H14 filter system (with spare filter)
  • Internal pressure flow switch
  • Oxygen gas pipe inside duct system

Built-in LED flat panel lighting (200 Lumens)

Why buy from us…

  • Leading specialists in aluminium framework design
  • Designed and manufactured in Hampshire, UK.
  • Provides visible negative pressure environment
  • 2 year guarantee, with spare filter supplied
  • Easy and quick to assemble on site
  • Easy to clean composite panels
  • Stock of materials at our factory in Hampshire
  • Kanya build system easy to adapt for future modification
  • Custom designed to meet your requirements
  • Fast delivery
  • Free design and consultation service
  • Supplied as a kit of parts for self assembly, or installation service offered

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