Latest resource: workbench checklist

Kanya Bespoke Workbenches Roller Conveyor Packing Bench
Kanya Bespoke Workbenches Roller Conveyor Packing Bench

Are you looking to improve your production line with improved efficiencies and workflow? Perhaps you have a new production or packing line starting imminently or to meet increased demand. Or even a requirement for benching for task-based work? Establishing your requirements can sometimes be tricky to navigate, which is why our latest resource is the workbench checklist,  to help you in the decision-making process.

At Kanya UK we provide custom designed workbenches and a range of accessories to improve efficiencies…and comfort too. Not only do we offer workbenches to suit your exact requirements, we can offer flexibility to create multiple stations, be height adjustable or even mobile.

We also offer a large range of accessories to make task-based work more efficient and avoid RSI and other associated injuries. Did you know that we stock a range of tool holders, that can be positioned exactly where you need it on the workbench? As UK distributors for Novus, we also offer mounting options for monitors, keyboards and laptops should you need to keep the workspace free from equipment yet view them without neck strain.

Download our handy checklist to help you establish your requirements for workspaces and either print off or complete before emailing it back to us. It really is that simple.

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