Lighting Solutions for your Workbench

Kanya UK offers a variety of workbench lighting solutions for your industrial workbenches, such as:

Overhead workbench lighting

Our overhead workbench lighting uses warm LED lighting panels to create the ideal ambient task lighting.

These can be provided in various sizes to suit the working space being illuminated below, and ensures no shadowing occurs.

Signal light system

We’ve created traffic light systems that can be displayed on the top of each workbench and controlled by colour coded buttons for the operator.

As their parts stock falls low, the operator can signal to the Operations Manager by pressing the amber light button; the red button can be deployed for a red warning light if the operator has completely run out of an item, or if there is a problem with production and help is required.

The signal light system can also be controlled by Bluetooth via an app, which the Production Manager can have installed on their phone, for remote operation.

Novus task lighting

Novus offers the Novus Attenzia range of lighting that can be clamped to the workbench for closer working.

Img 0344
An example of a Kanya UK workbench with lighting options and roller conveyor, as seen at Southern Manufacturing 2020

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