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Further to our Sneezeguard flyer and office partitioning system presentation, we bring you our new publication: Social Distancing Guide.

Packed full of examples, the guide shows how by using our made to measure partitions, you can continue to keep your staff and visitors safe, without negatively affecting the workplace.

You may have invested in a polished reception desk area with corporate branding and are struggling to find a screen solution to match the aesthetics.

Perhaps you are concerned about putting your visitors and staff at ease and giving them the confidence to continue to work and build relationships in this era of social distancing.

Or perhaps you’ve just got a very awkward workspace which you can’t find an off-the-shelf screen for.

At Kanya UK, we are experienced in providing partitioning systems to a variety of sectors. It is our ability to customise that sets us apart from other screen manufacturers.

Read our social distancing guide

Our aluminium framed system can be adapted to provide counter gaps for the passing of documents, or be fitted around curved desks, equipment or desks which involve different heights, whilst appearing to be ‘part of the furniture’.

We’ve see three main areas where our screen system has flourished. In open plan offices and co-shared workspaces, where a desk top solution can be moved to suit personnel. In receptions, we can completely integrate screens to maintain aesthetics. Lastly, we offer floor standing screens, which have been used for zoning and segregation in public spaces, as well as enclosures which can be used for ticket booths and information kiosks.

Whatever your predicament, we can work with you to achieve a safer environment for all. Download our new publication: Social Distancing Guide to get started.

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