Our latest product newsletter October 2018 is now available. We round-up the latest case studies and product news from Kanya UK.

This time next week, we’ll be at the Robotics and Automation Exhibition in Milton Keynes. We’ll be at stand 624 demonstrating a robot enclosure, previously supplied to clients’ Fanuc. The octagonal enclosure also features in our newsletter, but if you’re attending the event, please say hello to our friendly sales team and ask them about the enclosure.

We also feature two other case studies. Firstly, a rather unusual application…

We were lucky enough to be involved with the restoration of the iconic Alexandra Palace in central London. Kanya panels have been used to infill the orchestra pit in the east wing of the building, which is being renovated to create a brand new birthplace-of-TV experience.

A great example of an enclosure is the one is has been provided to TMD Technologies. The waist height cabinet is a safety enclosure, protecting personnel whilst testing is in progress.

We also feature our latest projects being undertaken in the factory, as well as a sneek peak of some of the designs that we have been working on, developing our workbench solutions.

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A safety enclosure constructed from the Kanya aluminium build system has been provided for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage supplies and transmitters, TMD Technologies.

TMD Technologies will be testing power amplifiers within the enclosure, which use a TWT (travelling wave tube) and a very high voltage power supply to amplify the RF signals. The enclosure will therefore be safeguarding testing personnel, as well as ensuring it is compliant with their specifications.

The enclosure is mounted on castors, with an aluminium framework and polycarbonate panels inbetween. The large door at the front of the enclosure lifts up to allow complete  access to the testing equipment contained within. The operation of the door is totally safety locked and so can only be opened when the power unit has been switched off.

Kanya UK have recently been involved in restoring Alexandra Palace with Kanya. Aluminium framed panels have been provided to infill the orchestra pit at this iconic venue in central London.

As part of the recent restoration project inside the former world-famous BBC studios, the previously derelict Victorian era east wing has been brought back to its former glory by construction giant Willmott Dixon. The refurbished wing, which the BBC leased from 1935 until 1956, will accommodate an immersive birthplace-of-TV experience. Fitting;  as the first public television transmissions were made from here in 1936. The wing is looking to create a popular tourist attraction for all the family, as the original “people’s palace” was intended to be.

Work included restoring the ceiling, which had not been touched since the 1890’s. The entire floor was lifted, relevelled then re-laid using all 1200 floor boards.  The resulting restoration will create a flat space for flexibility, to accommodate all manner of events, where seating and staging can be added.

With this in mind, auditorium seating and staging specialists CPS Manufacturing Co were appointed to supply the orchestra pit infill. Their brief was to provide some rigid and lightweight panels to form a lift shaft between their demountable platforms.

As Design and Estimating Executive, Roger McCreadie explained “After exploring several routes and options we discovered Kanya UK.  Steve Taylor’s prompt visit, technical expertise and product experience was of great value in assisting in the successful delivery of this part of the project, as well as being within budget”.

In describing the specification for the project, Roger added “We had initially been looking at constructing the panels from softwood and cladding in plywood but this was presenting several obstacles in both design and manufacture.  The aluminium framed panels were easily built by production operatives with no prior experience of the system and this led to a small order being placed for another part of the same project”.

Roger is delighted with the Kanya aluminium build system. ”The system seems to be robust and rigid and could lead to us using your products in one or two other areas of bespoke manufacture”.

The panels needed to be precise to fit within the void, and were fitted in time for the opening performance, the BBC proms!

Kanya UK are putting the final touches to a workbench trolley created for the assembly line of a manufacturer of high voltage generators.

The trolley, designed by Kanya UK, accommodates  two different product sizes being assembled at various points in the workflow. First comes bench assembly followed by low level assembly 800mm off ground level, with the product locked in place and rotated 90 degrees. After this operation, the assembly is rotated back into a horizontal position and transported on the trolley before being despatched. The design requirements for the trolley therefore needed to be precise, and be able to rotate, raise and lower as well as lock in place, taking up to a 80kg load.

As part of Kanya UK’s free design service, 3D drawings were provided to the client providing different views, enabling the client to understand the various assembly positions that would be achieved in the manufacturing cycle.

Over the years, we’ve seen some really interesting and unusual applications using our profile system.  We love to hear from our clients and see what they have produced with our extrusions and accessories. So we were blown away with the quality of this particular project, where the client did some kitting out with Kanya.

The project? To convert a Citroen Relay van into a motorhome.

The interior of the van has been transformed to a luxurious space, using mood lighting and quality finishes to complete the look. A comfy sofa bed, shower room and kitchenette has been installed, complete with sink and hob. Our closed faced extrusions have been used as the framework for the floor standing cupboard builds and the shower room partition. These extrusions create an attractive curved feature, but are also important in enclosed spaces where linear edges may cause injury. Overhead storage cupboards are also created from Kanya profiles, fitted with tambour doors for easy, space-saving access.

A quality finish…and another application possibility!

The new Ergoplace workbench solution offered by Kanya has been demonstrated at a number of exhibitions during the last year by Kanya UK, with an overview brochure accompanying it.

Now we are delighted to announce the publication of the brand new complete workstation brochure – Ergoplace.  An excellent resource allowing you to create your ergonomic workbench, this brochure takes you from an initial ergonomic assessment of your workstation through to defining a customised solution using our modular systems, then accessorising it to meet your particular needs.

When considering an economic workspace, its’ height is a main consideration. The Ergoplace offers height adjustment for sit/stand working. The work surface is available in different materials with tools and equipment being located within easy reach.

Finally, lighting your workspace is paramount, so we have a range of lighting options for task lighting as well as overhead lighting.

Adding to the efficiency of your production line, the ErgoLifter (page 26) is the perfect accompaniment. Move your boxes or containers from floor to work station automatically with the ErgoLifter, which has sensors for height detection and can lift loads up to 200kg.

The brochure provides examples of a typical workstation for an assembly line, test and measuring workbench and packaging workstation, with a whole host of accessories to site tools and equipment conveniently.

A handy checklist is included, to build your workstation requirements with, before contacting us for a quotation from our ever-helpful sales specialists.

For more information, download a copy of the new Ergoplace Complete brochure, or get in touch for a printed copy.

The Kanya aluminium profile system is perfect for creating enclosures for CMM, measuring and optical testing equipment. Our enclosures ensure that precision equipment is protected from dirt, dust and damage within a busy factory environment.

Custom design service

We offer a free comprehensive design service using AutoCad Inventor, so customised enclosures are not a problem. A full site survey is offered as part of the consultation service and 2D/3D renders are created for your approval at proposal stage. This enables you to visualise your enclosure and ensure that your equipment will be accommodated as well as accessed within the factory. Designs can be fitted closely around your equipment, ensuring your enclosure takes up the minimum of space.

Materials and Features

Enclosures are constructed using Kanya aluminium profiles which are assembled with our exclusive connectors, making up the Kanya PVS connection system. Cladding panels using 4mm clear or opal polycarbonate can be fitted, or alternatively coloured panels to suit your branding, health and safety or particular needs. These panels can also be removed for access to your equipment. Accessories and features such as handles, casters, hinges, lighting, positive air pressure, power supplies and locks can be added.

Assembly and Inspection

We assemble enclosure projects within our factory first, and clients are welcome to visit us to inspect their enclosures. This ensures that you the client get exactly what you want and there are no nasty surprises when the enclosure arrives on site. We can deliver and install the enclosure for you too, thanks to our experienced installation team.


The benefits of a Kanya enclosure for your CMM, measuring and optical testing equipment are:-

  • Protection of your equipment from the shop floor environment
  • Visually appealing and can be branded for corporate identity
  • Free design service with customised designs from experienced draughtspeople
  • Easy installation and relocation if necessary
  • Installation service offered

Browse our enclosures gallery for inspiration and if you have an enclosure project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch.

Kanya are excited to announce that they will be attending the Robotics and Automation Show 2018. Held at Milton Keynes from the 10-11th October, it is the companys’ first participation at this event.

Bringing with them to stand 624 will be an example of a robotic enclosure. Infact not just an example, but a real live project produced for clients Fanuc UK earlier in the year. It is a great example of how the Kanya aluminium profile system can be used to build enclosures for your equipment. Kanya UK provides a free design service, so you will be able to visualise your enclosure immediately, ensuring your equipment fits.

Our Kanya Product Specialists will be on hand to ask questions about the enclosure, demonstrate the qualities of the Kanya profile system and show examples of the many other applications possible.

We look forward to seeing you at stand 624 from the 10-11th October.

Find out more about the event and how to register here.

Kanya UK love to receive client feedback, and particularly when there is an unusual application to talk about. So we were delighted to receive photos of designer furniture creations (above) from client Tino Seubert.

Tino Seubert is a German born product designer based in London. His love of history and contemporary art are his inspiration in addition to his passion for material research and science. Using contrasting materials, Tino has created a new furniture series for his exhibition “Giles Round: the Director” at Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. The furniture, consisting of stools and benches, marries the Kanya profile system, which has been anodised, with hand-woven wicker and rush seagrass. The result is the industrial open framework with warm, organic seating material.

And as well as great photos, great feedback was received too!

“Thanks again for your quick help with the last project. The pieces came out very well and are well received…I will definately be producing more of them”.

Just another application from Kanya UK.

This month has kicked off in style for Kanya UK, as we catch up with projects in the factory this month in July.

Taking up a large area of the factory floor for the first week of July were two test rigs (above). These are replica labcars, which have been constructed using the Kanya aluminium profile system.  The cars are to be delivered fully assembled with all the panels and heavy duty wheels so that they can be moved around easily.  The client, a leading motor company, will then be using these to test and implement electrical systems.

Meanwhile, a set of four assembly benches (below) have been manufactured for a leading supplier of plant and equipment for plant and process industries. The four workbenches are constructed using Kanya as its framework, with electric height adjustable legs, power supplies, CPU holder, overhead LED panel lighting, Novus monitor mounts and a pull-out keyboard tray.


Above: one of four workbenches being manufactured

Finally, two pressure test rigs have been constructed in the factory, demonstrated by one our Kanya team. A full design service was provided by Kanya UK, including 3D renders. The resulting test rig is built on wheels and clad to the client’s specific requirements. Vented doors at the front and sides of each unit allow access to the PC tower inside, as well as compete electronics enclosure,with access doors. Each unit is designed for an operator to be stood, with the correct viewing angle for display monitor mounted within the unit.


Above: one of two pressure test rigs