Desk Hygiene Screen System


Create social distancing solutions in your workplace with our aluminium frame desk hygiene screen system.

Using Kanya aluminium profiles, the desk hygiene screen system is custom designed to fit your particular desk and room requirements.

Suitable for offices, factories, call centres and where multiple employees share the same workspaces.

Clear polycarbonate infill panels are used to create the barrier as standard, so employees can still engage with their colleagues.

We also offer an option of printed infill panels, which can be printed with our standard designs or a design of your choosing. Or mix and match between clear polycarbonate and printed finishes!

Manifestations such as logos and signage can also be printed onto all infill panels for that corporate look.

The screens are easy to assemble and are quickly installed by standing on the desk surface or they can be mounted for extra security.

We also offer full height partitions.

Desk Hygiene Screens Enquiry

Desk Hygiene Screens Enquiry

Please send us your requirements for desk hygiene screens by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

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  • Aluminium framed desk hygiene screen system
  • Custom designed for your workspace
  • Uses Kanya aluminium 30x30mm profiles
  • Clear plastic infill panels for durability and easy communication between employees (thickness dependent on availability)
  • Free standing on the desk surface, or can be mounted for greater stability

Other options

  • Decorative infill panels can be provided as an alternative, printed with standard finishes or prints of your choice.
  • Manifestations can be printed onto polycarbonate or decorative panels for a corporate look
  • Full height partitions also offered.
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