Klink Tool Organiser


The KLINK tool organiser is the perfect accessory to hold all your tools in one place, mounted at your workstation.

The KLINK system consists of a console which is available in a variety of sizes as a standard and have fully assembled suspension extrusions and rails. Their robust manufacturing makes it possible to use the console as a safe place to store tools and small parts, as well as an organisational aid for papers and other items.

KLINK consoles can be individually adapted for a specific task or for a production environment.

Each KLINK console can be placed at a variety of angles and in any combination wherever it is needed. Just clip it in and get to work.

The final element of the KLINK system are Shadow Boards. These are foam inserts to hold your tools and equipment and are customised to fit your selected tools.

Need to share tools or keep them secure ? Kanya has the answer with our transport trolley, which allows the KLINK consoles to be stored and moved around as needed.

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