The Kanya aluminium profile system lends itself to manufacturing aluminium trolleys for all environments, from manufacturing, to medical and emergency services. Each design is bespoke to meet the needs of the resource being transported as well as the environment it will be used in.

Typical uses are for manufacturing production lines as well as for medical storage in hospitals, care and retirement homes.

Kanya aluminium trolleys 2d technical drawing example

Closed or partially closed profiles are ideal for trolleys, particularly in medical environments, where they can be easily wiped clean, as well as providing an aesthetic finish.


Our team will assess the equipment you are looking to accommodate combined with who needs access to it, and how often. As part of this ergonomic survey, allowances for flexibility should tooling or materials change is made, along with transporting and lifting limitations for the trolley routes around your premises.


With over 1500 accessories to choose from, trolleys can be designed to accommodate tool holders, shelving, racking, drawer sets and more, all mounted or castors which can be lockable for increased stability.

Height adjustable lifting trolley

Trolleys can be built at our factory for inspection or a kit of parts can be provided for building your own trolleys, supplied with manufacturing drawings for self-assembly.

Kanya trolleys general purpose trolley photo

Either delivered complete, or as a kit of parts for easy self-assembly, either way your trolley will be ready to use in no time, allowing you to get on with your business.


Check out some of the many applications that our products are being used in.


Find out more about all of the Kanya aluminium profile system products and applications with our brochures, data sheets and other resources.

Isolation enclosure by kanya uk

Project Delivery

Helping you achieve your vision with our expert guidance throughout, from concept and design to manufacture, assembly and installation.


We work with businesses in manufacturing, aviation, automotive, audio-visual, medical, pharmaceutical, education, construction, energy, engineering and logistics.


The versatility of the aluminium build system ensures endless possibilities. Typical solutions include clean rooms, workbenches, test rigs, trolleys, machine guarding, and enclosures.

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