Our bespoke workbenches range from single workstations to complete workplace systems for your production or assembly line.

Particularly suited to the manufacturing industry, our industrial workbenches are bespoke and tailored to your unique needs; helping to improve productivity in your workflow with ergonomic optimisation and ideal as an Industry 4.0 solution.

Features of our industrial workbenches & bespoke workbenches include:

  • Electric or manual height adjustment
  • Corner table options
  • Choice of work surfaces, thickness and materials used 
  • Lighting options for optimal brightness 
  • Accessories to hold tools and equipment
  • Organisational shelving, trays and bin storage for efficient working
  • Roller conveyors for packing and assembly benches
  • Mobile workbench options with optional battery power for complete flexibility

Our bespoke workbenches and workplace systems are built using the Kanya aluminium Build System, designed with optimum ergonomics in mind.

Alongside our range of bespoke workbenches, we also offer the ErgoPlace range; developed by Kanya UK to suit a range of applications, from packaging to assembly production lines.

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During the consultation process, we work with you to identify the workflows and key tasks your workforce undertakes to consider:

  • Tasks that involve 2 or more operatives working together or in synchronisation
  • Tasks that require heavy lifting
  • Tasks that require storage or access to machinery away from the workspace
  • Tasks that require shared resources

Once the workflows are determined, we consider the handling areas required at each station:

  • Zone 1 Working centre
    The site of an assembly and where both hands work close to one another, in the centre of the field of vision
  • Zone 2 Extended working centre
    In this zone, both hands reach all points within the field of vision
  • Zone 3 One-handed zone
    This zone indicates where items can be grasped or operated with one hand
  • Zone 4 Extended one-handed zone
    This is the area where small parts are located in storage bins or containers, which are easier to grab from.

We also consider the following aspects:

  • Working heights for sitting and standing, or for a change of employee
  • Working surfaces to ensure the right materials are used for the right tasks
  • Lighting the workspace to ensure optimal brightness depending on the work required
Kanya factory internal drilling detail 2

Manufacturing drawings are developed from the proposal designs for your approval before any build begins, giving you full visibility of the design throughout the process. Prototypes and mock ups can be created first if required, giving you the opportunity to check your processes and equipment.


Your Project Manager will be assigned to you and work with you throughout the process. This includes giving you the opportunity to visit the factory for a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) as we assemble every project first before it leaves our factory.


This gives us the assurance that you will be satisfied with your project and there will be no nasty surprises on site.

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With staff experienced in critically sensitive sites, we offer the option of installing your project for you. This takes the hassle from you and delivers your project complete and if necessary, integrated into your existing workplace system so that there is no downtime for your operations and the workstations are ready for use.


Whilst the system is easy to build, it offers an even speedier building process with our experienced staff, leaving you to continue with production.


Check out some of the many applications that our products are being used in.


Download our brochure to see the possibilities offered by the Kanya Ergoplace system, including adjustable workbenches, dimensions, lighting and tool positioning.

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Project Delivery

Helping you achieve your vision with our expert guidance throughout, from concept and design to manufacture, assembly and installation.


We work with businesses in manufacturing, aviation, automotive, audio-visual, medical, pharmaceutical, education, construction, energy, engineering and logistics.


The versatility of the aluminium build system ensures endless possibilities. Typical solutions include clean rooms, workbenches, test rigs, trolleys, machine guarding, and enclosures.

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