The Kanya aluminium build system applications are numerous, thanks to its easy assembly, making on-site builds quick and simple. Here are just a few of the more popular applications.


We provide tailor-made workbenches and workspace systems to increase productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Clean Rooms

We offer custom designed clean rooms to your specification, creating effective climate control and dust/particle elimination.


We create bespoke industrial enclosures to house your electronic components, testing equipment, and robotic devices.


We design aluminium profile frameworks for the protection of staff or machinery, as well as for projects that require reliable support systems.

Machine guarding

We provide modular or custom designed safety barriers for separating machinery and personnel within the work area.

Safety doors

The KanyaSafe modular safety door system is a simple, ready to install solution which delivers robust construction and includes a drop guard.


We offer high quality, stylish partitioning options for social distancing measures, office environments, factory settings and any other workplaces.

Test Rigs

Complex frameworks can be created accurately and quickly for a wide range of R&D, training and testing applications.


Custom trolleys are a useful addition to your workplace, allowing the sharing of tools and equipment quickly and productively.

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