Kanya UK can provide all types of custom modular enclosures to protect and preserve your equipment as every build is custom designed to your requirements. Whether it be to house your electrical or electronic equipment, including robot cells or testing cabinets for scientific research and quality control, aluminium is the ideal choice as it is lightweight and corrosion-resistant as well as providing an electro-magnetic shield against interference.

The Aluminium composite and polycarbonate infill panels provide a strong but light protection surrounding the equipment, with the option of sliding, hinged or lifting laser protection safety doors. Multiple entry points can also be created for access without disturbing the contents.

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We will work with you to understand the equipment you need to protect and the environment you need protection it from. Our experienced team will evaluate the framework requirements, taking into account any load bearing capacity, and propose a solution which clads the machinery effectively. Cable management is incorporated into the design so that the whole enclosure is an extension of the machine itself. We offer a choice of door options, ranging from simple hinged to infrared safety doors to seal your enclosure effectively. Ergonomics are also considered as part of the design phase, for optimum control and access for operators to the equipment within.




Building the industrial enclosure within our factory premises first, allows for any issues that may occur before being transported to site. We can then partially deconstruct for ease of delivery. Without being able to ‘fit’ the equipment, FAT inspections allow you to measure, photograph and record the enclosure.




With staff experienced in critically sensitive sites, we offer the option of installing your project for you. This takes the hassle from you and delivers your enclosure ready to take the intended equipment. We can also work alongside you and/or other contractors to fit the equipment, leaving you with a fully installed system, protected from the environment and with personnel protected too.

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