Barrier Screens for Retail; to Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Retail privacy screen

In a bid to help customer-facing environments and businesses which require close contact with employees, Kanya UK are launching their latest application, barrier screens for retail, to help the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

The screens are manufactured using the Kanya aluminium profile system. They can be custom designed to any height or width required for your counter area, workspace or checkout, and can stand on the counter top or be full height from the floor. A space between the underside of the frame and the counter surface allows for documents, receipts etc. to be passed from one side to another. They can hold either polycarbonate panels or aluminium panels for privacy, or a mixture of both. Both can be printed with your logo or design, a notice or warning sign.

Need an adaption? The Kanya aluminium profile system makes this easy, and additional profiles and accessories can be provided to meet the ever-changing environment.

All surfaces can be wiped down and are non-porous, making them effective in maintaining hygiene.

The barrier screens can be made quickly and efficiently at our factory in Romsey, with staff under strict social distancing in order to maintain production.

Our sales team are working remotely, so please get in touch and they can provide a quotation for your requirements. The screens can be made and shipped to you in the UK within 48 hours.

Find out more about our new barrier screens in our video:

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