Last Updated: September 27, 2018

Precise Design for Workbench Trolley

Author: Suzanne Pinchin

Kanya UK are putting the final touches to a workbench trolley created for the assembly line of a manufacturer of high voltage generators.

The trolley, designed by Kanya UK, accommodates  two different product sizes being assembled at various points in the workflow. First comes bench assembly followed by low level assembly 800mm off ground level, with the product locked in place and rotated 90 degrees. After this operation, the assembly is rotated back into a horizontal position and transported on the trolley before being despatched. The design requirements for the trolley therefore needed to be precise, and be able to rotate, raise and lower as well as lock in place, taking up to a 80kg load.

As part of Kanya UK’s free design service, 3D drawings were provided to the client providing different views, enabling the client to understand the various assembly positions that would be achieved in the manufacturing cycle.

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