Ref: B19-8

Aluminium guide extrusion 12×11



Aluminium guide extrusion 12×11

This aluminum guide can be easily clipped into all slots of Base 50/40/30. With 30 base extrusions, a snap-in function prevents the guide from falling out. With 50/40 base extrusions, the guide is jammed in the slot. If necessary, a steel pin Ø 6 can also be pressed in on the side which prevents any possible movement of the guide. Advantages of this guide are: – Quick and easy fitting, and inexpensive – Closed slots reduce the build up of dirt – Can be retrofitted at any time onto existing structures Sliding doors are so easy and inexpensive to produce. Used especially in applications where the build up of dirt in an open slot or guide is to be prevented. This extrusion is primarily used as a running rail for the concave roller.